How to Install Wing Python IDE on Ubuntu 20.04

Every good language needs a powerful IDE to help programmers develop their applications correctly. Python is no exception because we have Wing at our disposal. Today you will learn how to install Wing Python IDE on a system like Ubuntu 20.04, but it should also work on any derivative of it.

Wing: The Intelligent Development Environment for Python

Wing is an IDE designed specifically for Python development. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the application developers understand the Python process and will give us the best for it.

Proof of this are the features it offers:

  • Smart editor: Wing’s editor accelerates interactive Python development with auto-completion and documentation appropriate to the context of the code. In addition to this, it has syntax highlighting to further assist the developer.
  • Powerful debugger: Wing’s debugger makes it easy to fix bugs and write new Python code interactively.
  • Project management: Wing’s powerful project management capabilities work with Python environments managed by virtualenv, pipenv, conda and Docker, with revision control via Git and similar applications.
  • Integrated unit testing: Wing supports test-driven development with the unittest, doctest, nose, pytest and Django testing frameworks.

These are advanced features that make it ideal for Python. It has free versions that we can use, but also a full version that is paid for. Today you will learn how to install the free versions.

Install Wing python IDE on Ubuntu 20.04

Of the free versions, we have two: one called 101 which is basic and serves as a gateway for students and enthusiasts; the other is called personal which incorporates basic project management.

Both can be installed by downloading the Ubuntu DEB package from the Wing website.

In this case, I will illustrate the process for version 101 but it will be similar for the other version.

First, visit this link to download the Ubuntu 20.04 compatible DEB package.

Download Wing Python IDE on Ubuntu 20.04
Download Wing Python IDE on Ubuntu 20.04

Then, you can download it by double-clicking on the downloaded package to start the whole installation process.

Install Wing Python IDE on Ubuntu 20.04
Install Wing Python IDE on Ubuntu 20.04

Then, you will be able to run it without any problems.

If you want to do it via terminal, then first download it with wget.


Remember that if the version of Wing changes, then the above command will change.

Then, install it as follows

sudo apt install ./wing-101-8_8.3.0-0_amd64.deb

That’s how easy it is to install. You can also start it using the main menu.

Using Wing

Once the program starts, you will be asked to agree to the license terms.

License Agreement
License Agreement

Once you do so, you will be able to enjoy Wing. As you can see the interface is quite simple but ideal for getting started.

Wing pyrhon IDE on Ubuntu 20.04
Wing pyrhon IDE on Ubuntu 20.04

Uninstalling Wing on Ubuntu 20.04

To uninstall Wing in Ubuntu,, we just need to run the following command

sudo apt remove wing

This way, quickly, we can remove it from the system to save space.


Wing is an IDE for Python, highly qualified to be one of the most used in the world. It has some fantastic features that make it a cut above other solutions. The only disadvantage I find is that its pro version is not free, keeping many students or novices away. However, this step keeps it moving forward.

I hope you liked our post and share it to reach more people.

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  1. Hi
    In Linux version, the personal edition haver the same thing, choose Path, like in Windows OS?
    If yes, how i do that? Wing supports tkinter?

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