The upcoming version of Ubuntu 23.04 is set to include the Linux Kernel 6.2

One of the most striking news recently is that Ubuntu 23.04 “Lunar Lobster” will come with Linux Kernel 6.2 In this post, we will tell you in detail what this means and the advantages it could bring.

Although many users thought that Ubuntu 23.04 would come with Linux Kernel 6.1 because it is an LTS version, and also because it is the first version with Rust code, the truth is that Canonical has opted for the latest stable version, which is 6.2.

Although you won’t find an official release, the confirmation comes from Dimitri John Ledkov in Ubuntu developer mailing list where he says that “v6.2 landing, across all flavors, is in progress”.

As you can notice, this is great news for all users who like to tinker with non-LTS versions of Ubuntu.

What’s New in Linux Kernel 6.2?

Version 6.2 is the latest stable version of the Linux kernel. This version is notable for adding support for Intel Arc graphics and for greatly improving support for the BTRFS file system.

In addition, this release adds new mount options for the NTFS3 file system and Xfs has advanced support for online file system repair.

On the security side, the new mitigations allow for reduced performance impact on Intel Skylake processors and longer performance on the various Linux distributions.

However, there are many more features that you can read this link.

In the case of Ubuntu 23.04, it will come with many new features in addition to the kernel.

The first of them will be a new installer that promises to improve a lot on the previous one. In addition, all applications, such as Firefox, Thunderbird, and the GNOME environment will be updated.

One aspect for which this version of Ubuntu is notorious is its veto of Flatpak. Specifically, neither Ubuntu 23.04 nor any of its official editions will pre-install any Flatpak support. Anyway, don’t worry, you can always install it.

Otherwise, remember that Ubuntu 23.04 is not an LTS version, so its support will be of scarce 9 months. Its use is more oriented to users who love to have the latest or to collaborate with their tests.

When will Ubuntu 23.04 with Linux Kernel 6.2 be available?

As usual, Ubuntu 23.04 is expected to be released after April 20th of this year. So, we are in the final stretch of the development of this new version of Ubuntu.

If you want to follow more closely the development, you can download one of the test images at this link.

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