How to Install Notepad++ on Ubuntu Linux

Install Notepad++ on Ubuntu Linux

Can I install Notepad++ on Linux?

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No. You can’t.

There is no native installation of Notepad++ available for the Linux operating system. It is written in C++ and uses native Windows API, which makes it faster than many other text editors, but Windows-only applications.

But, no worries.

There is a wine-based snap package available that you can use to install Notepad++ on Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Redhat, OpenSuse, Fedora, and other Linux Distros.

That is what we are going to cover below.

If you wanna know more about the snap, just head on to this article.

Install Notepad++ On Ubuntu

There is no official Notepad++ snap available, it is created by mmtrt user. You can refer to this GitHub page for additional details.

Now, login, open the terminal and run the below command to install Notepad++ on Ubuntu.

$ sudo snap install notepad-plus-plus
notepad-plus-plus 7.6.6 from Taqi Raza (mmtrt) installed

Once, the installation is complete, just type notepad-plus-plus on the terminal to launch it.

$ notepad-plus-plus

The first time, you get the below message saying wine configuration is being updated. That is fine, as mentioned earlier this snap is based on Wine.

wine configuration update

This is how it looks on Ubuntu Linux.

This is how Notepad++ looks on Linux

The installation worked fine for me. But if you face any issue while installing run the below command as per the snapcraft forum. This snap uses the wine-i386 with a notepad-plus-plus portable. So you have to install some plug to make it work properly.

Install Mandatory Plug

sudo snap connect notepad-plus-plus:process-control

Install Optional Plugs

sudo snap connect notepad-plus-plus:removable-media
sudo snap connect notepad-plus-plus:hardware-observe
sudo snap connect notepad-plus-plus:cups-control

snaps are updated in the background. You can run the snap refresh command to update Notepad++.

sudo snap refresh notepad-plus-plus
snap "notepad-plus-plus" has no updates available


There are many good, free, and open-source text editors available that for Linux are really good. You will not miss Notepad++ at all. So there is no question to install Notepad++ on Ubuntu or any other Linux OS.  But, if you recently moved from Windows to Linux and shying away to learn a new text editor, then this article should be definitely helpful.

Thanks to wine technology, you can have Notepad++ on Linux. Performance may not be the same as you see in Windows. Ideally, you should not use it on Linux as it is not made for it. You can simply remove Notepad++ using the command given below.

sudo snap remove notepad-plus-plus

Interested to read more about Notepad++, just visit this section on this website.

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