What is Notepadqq and (How to) install and use on Linux

Notepad++ is one of the best, free, fast, and efficient text editors. Support of Plugins takes it higher level. But, it is available for Windows only. Though you can install Notepad++ on Linux using the wine package, it may not be that efficient.

You do have a good text editor available in Linux. One of these is Notepaddqq.

Is it an alternative to Notepad++?

Let’s discuss and see how to install Notepadqq on Linux Operating System, what are the features and in brief, see how to use it.

What is Notepadqq?

Notepadqq is an alternate to Notepad++ for Linux operating system. It provides similar features that Notepad++has. Some of the features are syntax highlighting for more than 100 different languages, code folding, color schemes, file monitoring, multiple selections, and much more.

You can search for text using the power of regular expressions, and organize documents side by side. You can use real-time highlighting to find near identifiers in no time.

They say…

It is a text editor designed by developers, for developers.

The source code is in the GitHub repository. It is open source. Go ahead and contribute in code if you want.

Install Notepadqq on Linux

There are multiple ways to install Notepadqq on Linux. You can build it by yourself by getting code from the GITHUB repository or using Linux-specific distribution packages. There is the snap package also available for Notepadqq. That makes it available to all Linux distribution that supports snap technology.

Let’s cover all these methods in detail. But you should use one. Don’t mix them.

1. Build it by yourself

This is the best method to get the latest version on Notepadqq but I would say it is for Linux geeks. If you are the one, just keep reading this article which covers the installation in detail.

1. Get the source code

$ git clone --recursive https://github.com/notepadqq/notepadqq.git
$ cd notepadqq

2. Build

$ ./configure --prefix /usr
$ make

3. Finally, install it using below command.

$ sudo make install

You can refer below article if you face any issue with the installation process.


2. Install Notepadqq using Linux specific distribution package

As we mentioned above, it is available in Linux-specific distribution packages. That makes it easy to install and maintain. So simply open the terminal on Linux OS and use apt, pacman, zypper, eopkg to install notepadqq on Ubuntu/Debian, Arch, OpenSUSE, and Solus Linux distribution respectively.

Below are the commands for the respective Linux distributions.

1. Ubuntu, Debian, and others

sudo apt install notepadqq


To install the latest stable version:

sudo snap install notepadqq

You don’t have the snap command? Follow the instructions at https://docs.snapcraft.io/core/install and then install Notepadqq as shown above.

You can follow the unstable development releases from the “edge” channel.

2. Arch Linux (community-maintained)

Notepadqq is available from Arch’s community repositories. To install using pacman:

sudo pacman -S notepadqq

Alternatively, it can be found in the AUR:

3. OpenSUSE (community-maintained)

Notepadqq is avilable in OpenSUSE’s main repository:

 sudo zypper in notepadqq

4. Solus (community-maintained)

Notepadqq is available in the shannon (stable) repository:

 sudo eopkg it notepadq


Notepadqq is one of the best text editors you can use for Linux operating systems. But, do you think it is an alternative for Notepad++?

Do let us know in the comments section below.

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