How to Install Taskwarrior on Ubuntu 20.04

Certainly, Ubuntu is an operating system focused on newer Linux users. It has everything from a clean graphical interface to a large number of packages. However, it is still a Linux-based operating system so it has a terminal that can handle almost anything. The terminal can be used by many different applications and today you will learn how to create TODO lists in the terminal thanks to Taskwarrior

Introducing to Taskwarrior

Taskwarrior is Free and Open Source Software that manages your TODO list from the command line. It is flexible, fast, and unobtrusive. It does its job then gets out of your way.

The above definition of Taskwarrior is provided by the project website.

One of the main advantages of using the application is that it practically does not consume system resources. This allows it to be executed without problems in almost any circumstances.

Besides this, you don’t have to worry about the use of the terminal because the Taskwarrior commands are quite easy to learn and are very explanatory. In short, it uses a natural and expressive command-line syntax.

Some of the main features of Taskwarrior are as follows:

  • The application is unobtrusive, fast, efficient, and flexible.
  • Taskwarrior is methodology-neutral. This means that we can use it even with methodologies such as GTD or Pomodoro.
  • The community support is one of the best things about the application. So, this community provides support and various forms of help to new and experienced users.
  • It is Open Source because it is released under the MIT license. This guarantees that anyone can see the source code of the application.
  • The vibrant and active development that Taskwarrior has is another reason why it should be used. This guarantees few bugs and if there are any will be fixed quickly in new versions.

Install Taskwarrior on Ubuntu 20.04

As it is a veteran application in Linux and with many contributors, it is available in the official Ubuntu 20.04 repositories.

First, open a terminal window from the main menu or by pressing the CTRL + ALT + T

Once the terminal has been correctly stated, it is necessary to update the disbursement.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

And at the end, just run this command to install Taskwarrior:

sudo apt install taskwarrior

After entering the password and accepting the installation process, it will begin.

Using Taskwarrior on Ubuntu 20.04

It is really easy to use the application because to add a new task, we have to use the following syntax:

task add [task]

For example:

task add Buy rice

If all goes well, you’ll see an output on the screen like this:

Created task 1.

You can create another one:

task add Read a book


Created task 2.

But we can also assign a priority to the tasks. For example:

task add priority:H Chat with friends

Priority was defined to have four allowable values, H, M and L, with the additional option of having no priority at all. The values represent High, Medium, Low and No priority.

And to list the loaded tasks you can execute:

task list

And you will get a screen output similar to this one:

ID          Age          P           Description            Urg
3 5s H Chat with friends 6
1 54s Buy rice 0
2 16s Read a book 0

3 tasks

To indicate that you have completed a task, you must use the task ID.

task [id] done

For example:

task 1 done
task 2 done

And list the tasks again:

task list


ID      Age      P         Description                Urg
1 1min H Chat with friends 6
1 task

The same syntax will help us to eliminate a task

task [id] delete

In this case:

task 1 delete

Sample Output:

Delete task 1 'Chat with friends'? (yes/no) yes
Deleting task 1 'Chat with friends'.
Deleting task 1.

This way you can use the Taskwarrior without problems.


Taskwarrior is a very useful application that does not disturb our workflow and rather helps us keep track of the tasks we have to do. That’s why even though it’s so simple it’s very powerful. So, you already know how to install Taskwarrior on Ubuntu 20.04

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More info? Taskwarrior Website

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