How to install Zoom on Ubuntu | Linux Mint

Zoom is a platform that allows you to video conference, chat and stream files from a convenient web interface. Thanks to the pandemic, many people were investigating how to communicate and stay productive, and thanks to applications like Zoom they were able to do just that.

One of the main reasons why Zoom became so popular is because it allows you to create conference rooms and invite participants easily.

And so, Zoom is used by many teachers to teach their classes to students; by managers and work teams so that from the comfort of home, they can still be in permanent contact.

So, you see, Zoom is an important tool for many today, and it’s likely to be for you too.

Install Zoom on Linux Mint 21 | Ubuntu 22.04

Although Zoom is not present in the official Ubuntu or Linux Mint repositories, you can install it quite safely and easily. So, it shouldn’t cost too much.

The first thing you will need to do is to update the whole system. You can do this from the update manager or from the terminal with the following commands.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

I think this method is even faster than doing it through the graphical interface.

The next step is to download the DEB package from the Zoom website.

Or if you prefer to use the terminal, you can run this command

wget -c

As you can see from the downloaded command, the Zoom package will be downloaded without any problems, and you will be able to install it.

There are several ways to install a Debian-like package, but the best way is to use APT.

sudo apt install ./zoom_amd64.deb

Remember to run this command from the same location as the archive.

This will suffice.

Install Zoom using Flatpak

If you didn’t know, Linux Mint relies heavily on Flatpak as a universal packaging format. That is why it is installed and configured by default on this system.

If you want to install it using this method, then you have two main methods, the first one is using the Linux Mint software manager and the second one is using the terminal.

If you prefer the graphical interface, then open the Software Manager from the main menu and in the search box type Zoom, Choose the Zoom Flathub option.

You will see this screen.

Install Zoom using Flatpak
Install Zoom using Flatpak

On that screen, you will have complete information about the application and the details of the package. To start the installation, just run Install.

After entering your password, the download and installation process will start.

All this can be done from the terminal by running just this command

flatpak install flathub us.zoom.Zoom

At the end, you will be able to run it from the main menu.

Install Zoom using Snap

In the case of Ubuntu, the situation is a bit different, since Ubuntu relies on Snap, which is a proprietary technology that rivals Flatpak.

Snap is integrated with Ubuntu, so you don’t have to install or modify anything on the system.

Similarly, open the Ubuntu app shop and search for Zoom.

Then click on the Zoom option and when you do, you will see a screen like this

As with the previous method, on this screen you will have adequate information about the application and the size of the package to be installed.

To start the installation process, click on the Install button and the installation will start.

Again, you can installing using the terminal. It is very easy, just run

sudo snap install zoom-client

At the end, you will be able to run Zoom from the main menu.

The Zoom interface

Once the installation is finished, you will be able to run it from the main menu of the distribution.

When you run it, you will see this screen.

Zoom on Linux Mint | Ubuntu
Zoom on Linux Mint | Ubuntu

Here you can join a meeting using a code or log in with an account created on the Zoom website.

In either case, by logging in you will be able to use the full potential of the service.

Uninstall Zoom on Linux Mint 21 | Ubuntu 22.04

In case you no longer want to use Zoom on your system, you can always remove it from the system to save disk space.

To achieve this, simply run the following command in the terminal

sudo apt remove zoom

However, if you have used Flatpak or Snap, you can open one of the app shops and search for Zoom again, but instead of the install button you will see the Remove button.

If you prefer the terminal, then you can run

For Flatpak

flatpak uninstall us.zoom.Zoom

and for Snap

sudo snap remove zoom-client

It’s that quick and easy, it will no longer be on your system.


Zoom is a tool that over time has become important for many people. Thanks to the pandemic, it got a boost and so many people were able to use it for various purposes.

Now you know how to install it, and can use it in your business. I hope you will help by sharing this publication with your friends.

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