How to Install Microsoft Powershell on Manjaro Linux

Who would have thought that Microsoft is now developing its applications for Linux! Let’s be honest, this was unthinkable a few years ago but fortunately for our system, we have a paradigm shift in large companies towards Linux. That’s why today you will learn how to install Microsoft PowerShell on Manjaro.


PowerShell is an enhanced and advanced version of the traditional Windows Command Prompt. It is a command interpreter for Windows that allows you to send commands to Windows systems or Microsoft products.

That is to say that thanks to PowerShell, we can remotely have a native shell where we can manage Windows efficiently. But it is not only limited to this, we can also interact with other products such as SQL Server.

Despite the great effort Microsoft is making, it is still a little known tool. Both for basic users, but also for many computer operators who do not know all the advantages that the cmdlets of this console can offer.

The main reason to find this product for Linux is that from our system we will be able to manage Microsoft products with their native shell. In other words, it increases the ecosystem of applications for Linux.

Let’s get started.

Install Microsoft PowerShell on Manjaro Linux

As expected, there is no dedicated package for Manjaro Linux. But thanks to the community, we can transform other official packages into a native one that will perform the installation.

For this, we have the pikaur helper, which is a helper to install applications that are not present in the Manjaro repositories.

If you already have it installed, then just run the following command

pikaur -S powershell-bin

However, there are users who prefer not to install helpers so as not to take up unnecessary space or because they know they only need a specific program.

In this case, we have to install it using the pikaur installation formula. First clone the formula as such

git clone
Install PowerShell on Manjaro Linux
Install PowerShell on Manjaro Linux

After this, access the folder that has been generated

cd powershell-bin

And from there perform the installation by executing the following command

makepkg -si

This way it will be installed if there are no errors.

Using PowerShell in Manjaro Linux

Once you install the package, you can run it from a terminal with the command

PowerShell on Manjaro Linux
PowerShell on Manjaro Linux

There you will be welcomed to start working.

A good idea is to get the commands available for the Linux version. You can do this by running the following command

Using the PowerShell
Using the PowerShell

The list is very long, but you can apply a simple filter

Get-Command -Name *[keyword]


Get-Command -Name [keyword]*
Filter commands with Pacman
Filter commands with Pacman

This way, only packages related to the keyword or search criteria will be searched for.


PowerShell is a proprietary Microsoft application that helps us to better manage their products using a fully integrated shell. This means that professionals using Linux as their main system are not limited to do their work with Windows servers.

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