Tips and Tutorials for Ubuntu Linux Operating System.

How to add users to Ubuntu?

The current operating systems stand out for being multi-user. That is, they can create many users with different usage profiles. This allows the same system to be used by different people. But also, it is possible to create specific system users for certain network services or applications. In any case, thanks to this post you …

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How to Install Java on Ubuntu

Java is a language and a software platform. Currently, it belongs to the Oracle company that releases it under certain commercial restrictions. On the other hand, the OpenJDK project took advantage of the fact that Java is open source, to create a community version without licensing problems. This is the version that is incorporated in …

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The Linux curl command

This article explains what is cURL command in Linux and How to use it with examples. cURL command in Linux cURL is a cross-platform utility that comes installed on most Linux distributions. Basically, it is used to transfer files from a server but without user intervention. This means that once it is executed and we …

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