How to Install iostat command in Linux

The Linux iostat command helps you to monitor the activity of the system’s devices, partitions, and networked systems (NFS). You can also use it to compare activity between disks. This command generates reports which you can use to change system configuration for better balance the input/output load between physical disks.

The first report this command generates provides statistics concerning the time since the system was booted. Each subsequent report covers the time since the previous report.

In short, iostat is one of those GNU/Linux utilities that every sysadmin should know and understand perfectly.

Install iostat command on Linux

The iostat command is not available in any Linux distribution. It is part of sysstat package that you have to install in your Linux distribution.

Use the commands given below to install it on the respective Linux.

Debian, Ubuntu, or any derivative

 sudo apt update
 sudo apt install sysstat

RHEL, CentOS or Fedora

 sudo dnf install sysstat

Arch Linux and derivatives

 sudo pacman -S sysstat

That’s it.

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